Blu-ray? Blue-ray? Bluray? Blu ray? How Do You Spell Blu-ray?

Confused about how to spell blu-ray? I can understand if you are as I certainly was when I first started learning about this new technology.

That's not to say that a search for 'blue-ray' will not bring up any quality information (Heck, Google actually shows my most popular page in fifth place based on that incorrect spelling.)

So, if you are searching for information on blu-ray, be it movies, players or general information, you CAN search for blue-ray, blue ray or bluray and you will find lots of information. You can, however, choose to spell it correctly as blu-ray, without an 'e', with a hyphen and with a lowercase 'r.'

I cannot help but think that looking for the best information on blu-ray will be easier if you start with the correct spelling.

See you
at the movies.

Photo courtesy of Creations du Net.

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