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If you are looking for some of the best blu ray movies, I have a couple of lists that you might find helpful. The first, Top 10 Blu-ray Movies For Best Picture & Sound Quality, is a list that was compiled based on Sound and Vision Magazine’s July/August 2008 issue.

The film which took top honors at that time was Casino Royale which Amazon called, "the most brutal and viscerally exciting James Bond film since Sean Connery left Her Majesty's Secret Service" and Sound and Vision said this film had, "stunning sound and picture quality” both of which are still true and which still makes this a great action movie for your blu-ray player. An added benefit is that Amazon has it deeply discounted at just $21.99. That's an amazing $16.97 off the list price.

The list itself may be somewhat dated but the movies on it are all still excellent choices. Visit Top 10 Blu-ray Movies For Best Picture & Sound Quality for the complete list and a discussion of the top ten movies that appear on it. I think you will agree that all of the films on that list are still great choices!

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