The Best Food Movies on Blu-ray and DVD

Trying to determine which are the best food movies proved to be more than I could handle alone so I've enlisted the help of a few movie-loving friends (that would be you) to vote on my list of food movies.

I'm hoping that after a few of you visit, we'll have the makings of a great list...which will give us all some indication of which food movies are the most popular.

On my page, Searching For The Best Food Movies, you will find reviews of three fantastic movies:

Julie & Julia

Plus, you will find the descriptions of more than twenty other food-themed movies. I'm using the list as a guide for future movie watching and I'm taking recommendations. If you have a food movie that you absolutely love, just drop me a note and I'll consider adding it to the page. The list was set up in a way that you can print it or bookmark it and use it for planning which movies you want to see next.

See you
at the Movies!

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