Check Out Squidoo Music, An Amazing New Music Blog

Wow! If you love music, you are going to enjoy reading a new music blog that I just discovered which features the musical pages written on Squidoo. Squidoo Music has something for every taste in music including classic rock, blues, country, folk, dance and classical music. A collaborative effort involving seven talented writers, here is a peek at what I have seen so far...

Who is Playing the Halftime Show at 2010’s Big Game?

Friday Dance Party: African-American Roots of Hip-Hop and Rap Music

Country Music Is Sexy!

This is what a music lens should be like: James Taylors’ non-hits

Featuring Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet

The Prince OF The Delta Blues

Sounds Of Joy ~ Dr. Hook

Whatever your taste in music, I hope you will head on over to Squidoo Music and see what is playing.

See you at
the movies
(or at the dance!)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Brenda!

Since you feature the Coldplay poster, I have to tell you a story. I'm just not very up on popular music and don't know the band names very well, though I'm getting better. Once, several years ago, I was going shopping and asked if anyone needed anything. My son asked if I'd pick up a particular CD by Coldplay. I said, "Who?" So I'd remember the name, he made a shivering motion for "cold" and a playing motion for "play." Put them together, you have Coldplay. To this day, and that had to be six or so years ago, I see or hear anything about Coldplay and I automatically make the "cold" and "play" motions. So silly, but so very effective, and a good family story. (Though you probably had to be there to appreciate it.)