Who Are The Voca People?

Have you heard of the Voca People? They are an absolutely amazing a capella group which features eight members, five men and three women. Working together they create music, including all of the instruments, with their voices and bodies.

I enjoyed learning about them and watching a couple of their videos at The Voca People. Unfortunately, I could not find any CDs by the group.

I did find some CDs by other a capella groups, like Rockapella and Toxic Audio both of whom I was introduced to through videos on The Voca People page.

Do you enjoy a capella? What group(s) would you recommend?

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Quick Links:

Read more about The Voca People.
Buy CDs by Rockapella and Toxic Audio from Amazon.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring The Voca People, Brenda. Lots of people are anxiously awaiting their first CD, whenever that may be. Hope it will be soon!