Comfort and Joy, A Christmas Lifetime Original Movie

Comfort and Joy, A Christmas Lifetime Original Movie

Are you ever tired and find yourself just wanting to watch a nice movie? One that just makes you feel good? Not an action packed adventure story but maybe a drama with a little bit of romance thrown in? I recently was in such a mood and picked up the Lifetime Original Movie, Comfort and Joy, off of my eBay store shelves. My three menfolk were busy so this was a good time to choose a romantic comedy.

Comfort & Joy tells the story of a busy female executive who is so busy with her career that she waits until Christmas Eve to get ready for Christmas which, of course, means that things do not go smoothly. Her life, other than work, is not fulfilling although she does not realize what is missing.

On her way to a Christmas party, an accident sees her take on a new role, that of a very happy stay-at-home Mom. It is at this point that she discovers what has been missing from her life.

Comfort and Joy stars Nancy McKeon, Dixie Carter, Paul Dooley and Steven Eckholdt. It is not available on Blu-ray but it is available on DVD. A lovely Christmas story. Find your copy of Comfort and Joy here on Amazon.

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