Summer Love Songs by The Beach Boys

Summer Love Songs by The Beach Boys

I stumbled across Summer Love Songs by the Beach Boys by accident today when I was working on a page about barbecue aprons. Released on May 19, 2009, Summer Love Songs features twenty of the original Beach Boys recordings, remastered.

This is precisely the type of album I love to play in the summer when I'm working in the kitchen and when I'm driving. I would put this on when I am home alone (and sing along) and I would put it on when we were having friends over for a barbecue.

Summer Love Songs features many of your Beach Boys favorites including Don't Worry Baby, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Surfer Girls, California Girls, Help Me Rhonda and fifteen more!  All except Help Me Rhonda have been remixed and the Amazon Customer Reviews are tremendous with comments like:

"This CD contains a few Beach Boys songs I had never heard before (which are excellent songs) and the songs I have heard before have been beautifully re-mastered from mono into stereo (except for 'Help Me Rhonda')." ~~ Alexander

"Been a Beach Boys fan(atic) since there was a Beach Boys. To hear them ('cept Rhonda) in wonderfully re-mastered stereo is a revelation." ~~ Junior Mintz

"...this album compiles some of the Beach Boys' best material (plus a couple of "new" cuts), and bears repeated listening. It's nice to remember when music was about FUN stuff, not politics!" ~~ Rhys M. Berryman

I am definitely thinking that this is a must-have CD for summertime. What do you think?

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Unknown said...

I think I would LOVE this CD!

Deanna said...

Listening to the Beach Boys always brings back memories of summer during my high school years growing up in California. I think I need this one!


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