'Bake' With The Cupcake Girls, On Their Reality Television Show

'Bake' With The Cupcake Girls, On Their Reality Television Show

There are not many television shows that a I follow on a regular basis but recently I discovered The Cupcake Girls on the Women's Network.  A reality show of sorts, it follows the daily business operations of Cupcakes, a cupcake bakery with six locations in Vancouver. 

I guess I am interested in the show because I have been caught up in the cupcake craze. I have baked a few cupcakes recently and I have even written a few webpages on the subject.

The 'girls' that own this bakery started their business by breaking all the basic rules...don't start a business about something of which you know nothing...don't start a business with a friend...don't start without a business plan...don't work with family members. Suffice it to say, they broke almost all of the basic rules but they have still managed to create a very successful business with their cupcake bakeries.

I am enjoying the drama that unfolds each week...like what happens when the entire bake staff is stolen and the owners are forced into the kitchen. That happened last week's episode and it was, ah, interesting...I suppose this is one of the reasons you should not start a business unless you know something about the product. In this case, about baking cupcakes.

If you love cupcakes, you will likely enjoy this show. If you are interested in running your own business about cupcakes, a bakery or really any small business, you will find it enjoyable, too.  I figure if I watch it often enough, I will learn how to ice my cupcakes the way the professionals do it.  


Edited 2024: Unfortunately, I am no longer able to find anywhere to watch this series but I thought you'd enjoy this cupcake t-shirt anyway, which is available on Etsy by clicking right here. If you know where to view it, leave us a comment and let us know.

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