The Sony Playstation Blu Ray Player

We chose, indirectly, a Sony Playstation Blu Ray Player. I say indirectly because it was a surprise gift from Aunt Robin. She listened carefully to us talking about good blu-ray players and slid this one under our Christmas tree when we were not looking.

I had read about the PS3 and its capacity as a blu-ray player and it seemed like a good choice. At the time, it was priced reasonably compared to many other blu-ray players and offered a quality, reliable machine with the added bonus of a game station. In a house with teenage boys, that was, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing!

Today, the Playstation has come down a bit in price but so have blu-ray players in general. If the gaming component of the Sony Playstation does not appeal to you, there may be a better standalone choice like the well-reviewed and economical Panasonic DMP BD60 1080p Blu-ray Player. However, if you can make use of the gaming functions, it is still worth making the PS3 a top contender on your short list.

See you at
the movies!

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