A Dog Named Christmas Movie

If you missed A Dog Named Christmas earlier this month you missed a good movie which is likened to Yeller with a happy ending.

A Dog Named Christmas is based on the book written by Greg Kincaid. It is a thoroughly enjoyable family movie which will make you laugh, cry and smile.

It tells the story of a young man who is developmentally challenged and who displays a wonderful affinity for animals. He learns of a special program that runs at Christmastime and sees people fostering dogs from the local shelter. He convinces his father that they should have one of those dogs for Christmas and his father finally agrees, on the stern agreement that the dog MUST go back on December 26th, when Christmas is over.

A Hallmark Hall of Fame television production, I really enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, I even enjoyed the commercials. The movie is available for purchase from Amazon from private sellers by clicking right here, albeit at a premium due to the fact that Hallmark has not made it widely available. If you are looking for a well-done, family friendly, Christmas story, you cannot go wrong with this one.

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