Top 10 Imax Blu-ray Movies 2008

There are so many excellent Imax blu-ray films, you may be wondering which ones to pick. I would recommend you start with a list, like my Top 10 Imax Blu-ray Movies Are Adventure Documentary Films. The movies on this list were the top 10 Imax blu-ray movies in December, 2008, based on Amazon's bestseller's list.

Although my list was made about a year ago, it is still packed with excellent Imax movie choices and, even if I were to recreate it today, you'd still find excellent films on it like Galapagos, Coral Reef Adventure and The Magic of Flight. PLUS you would also find some new additions including Amazon's bestselling Imax movie right now and the one which I have on my list to see, Nature's Most Amazing Events.

About Nature's Most Amazing Events, the editors at Amazon said:

"Many will recall just how superb the shots in Planet Earth were, but if anything, Nature's Most Amazing Events tops it. The cinematography here is world-class, and it greatly enhances the series around it as a result. That said, there's more than enough substance to Nature's Most Amazing Events as it stands anyway. Diligently made and researched, and presented in an accessible, yet not condescending manner, it's another major success for the BBC in this area, and further cements why it's a world leader where natural-history documentaries are concerned."

Amazon Customer, Scorpio69, said:

"Better, in my humble opinion, than 'Planet Earth', with the same stunning photography (that looks awesome on Blu-ray). Rather than looking at nature by dividing the earth into zones, it looks at specific events that are amazing -- even miraculous -- in their intricacy and perfection. Highly recommended for nature documentary lovers."

There are more great Imax blu-ray movies available than there are poor ones. Any from my list or from Amazon's Current Bestsellers list would be great choices.

What Imax blu-ray movies do YOU recommend?

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