LG BD590 250GB HD Blu-ray Player Review

Let me introduce you to the LG BD590 250GB HD blu-ray player, LG's 2010 flagship blu-ray player. It has numerous claims to fame including the fact that it has an instant tray opening and is fast loading and that it is the first blu-ray player that features a 250GB hard drive for easy CD ripping.

The BD590 also features easy wireless networking and movie streaming so that you can easily enjoy your favorite material whether from NetCast, Netflix, Pandora, Picasa, VUDU, Netflix, CinemaNow, YouTube or Accuweather.

Appearance? Well, I do not think there are many attractive blu-ray players out there but the BD590 features LG's mirror-like front finish and a good although basic remote control.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, at least to me, is the quality of the picture and the sound that a blu-ray player provides. (Why bother if the quality is not top notch?) Besides all the features packed into this player, the BD-590 is also a top performer in those regards, featuring full HD 1080p output that gives superior audio performance and excellent picture quality.

Of the Amazon customers who have reviewed it, six of seven have given it a top rating of five stars and the online experts seem to agree with them.

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(The Sony Playstation 3 also has a hard drive but I don’t know if you can rip CDs on it.)

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