Looking For A Great Horse Movie?

Horse enthusiast and painter Mona Majorowicz of Wild Faces Gallery recently created a page dedicated to her favorite horse movies.  Since she is an artist, she says that she has a special interest in simply looking at horses but that these are all good, enjoyable horse movies and great family entertainment with a warning that a couple of them are PG or PG-13. 

Mona took the time to set up her horse movie recommendations in a helpful manner, which includes sections called 'Plot Premise,' 'Why I Like This Movie,' and 'My Favorite Quote From This Movie.'  She also includes a few movie related items in case you are looking at putting  a gift set together.  (Wouldn't a great gift combo for a horse-loving girl be a copy of the National Velvet movie and a plush horse?)

I don't think a horse list would be complete without some of the classics, like Black Beauty and National Velvet, but Mona's list also includes some newer horse-themed movies, like the two that are available on blu-ray, Seabiscuit and  Hidalgo.

Horse enthusiasts who are interested in blu-ray will be glad to hear the Seabiscuit blu-ray transfer is considered excellent, with High-Def Digest saying that the video of Seabiscuit is close to flawless and the audio sounds even better than it did before because of a high-definition soundtrack.  High-Def's Seabiscuit review closed with them saying that the blu-ray version of Seabiscuit is 'mighty fine.'

If you are looking for a great list of horse-themed movies, I recommend you read Mona's My Favorite Horse Movies.  You can do so by clicking right here.

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