Emma Watson's Ballet Shoes Movie Reviewed

Fans of Emma Watson and dance or ballet won't want to miss Ballet Shoes, a 1930s period drama.

Last week I watched Ballet Shoes, a movie set in 1930s London starring Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. I thought it was interesting that Miss Watson had done a movie that I had not heard of before but I guess all of the young actors from the Harry Potter movies must have been looking to do other work between the HP films.

Anyway, I enjoyed Ballet Shoes. It was a warm, family friendly movie totally suitable for family viewing although no doubt slanted somewhat to girls because of the ballet reference. You definitely do not have to be a ballet fan to enjoy this movie though as it simply shows the struggles of one interesting and unique family to survive and that dreams of all sorts can come true.

I am always on the lookout for 'nice' movies like this one. Do you have any favorite family friendly movies?

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Being Tazim said...

I enjoyed this movie a lot, too. It was sweet but kind of strange at the same time, like how they had so many great opportunities. I guess for a little girl it would a great movie to inspire!

I like family friendly movies, too. I like the Narnia movies

Treasures By Brenda said...

You are right in that it was a bit unusual for everyone to have such a great opportunity but I guess that happens in the movies, doesn't it?

I think I only saw one of the Narnia movies and that was probably when the first one came out. My son was a big Narnia fan and probably still is, although he is often disappointed by the movie versions of his favorite books.


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