Summertime: Travel to Venice With Katharine Hepburn

Summertime: Travel to Venice With Katharine Hepburn

Yes, I did! I went to Venice this weekend. I travelled with both Katharine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi.  They were great travelling companions although Hepburn's character was a bit frustrating at times...

Hepburn played a character named 'Jane.' Jane was a spinster who travelled alone to Venice, Italy and planned on seeing all the sights. Well tour she did, she was a great tourist and she did a great job of introducing us to Venice.

But boy was she LONELY.  I was so frustrated with her!  Until, that is she allowed herself to get to know an Italian gentleman and fall in love.  Well, if the truth be told, I was frustrated with her AGAIN after that but I won't spoil the story by telling you why.

If you want to travel to Venice from the comfort of your armchair, I can recommend Summertime, a classic Katharine Hepburn movie.  It's not exciting, nor is it an action-packed movie. It is quite simply a love story that will help you travel to Italy so pop the corn, pour the cold drinks and settle in for the journey...

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Janis Nova said...

thank you very much for your comment on my blog post! I felt the same way about Katharine Hepburn's character.. at times, she was really a loner in Venice. the times she would break down and cry- i felt so sorry for her. Interesting fact - I read in her biography that during the filming of Summertime, she actually got an eye infection during one of the scenes in the movie - that time she fell in the dirty water canal. random tidbit, but you probably know that already =)

thank you for the recommendation for The Good Old Summertime with Judy Garland! I will have to add that to my movie list to watch this summer!


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