Audrey Hepburn's WAIT UNTIL DARK Movie Review

Audrey Hepburn's WAIT UNTIL DARK Movie Review

An excellent movie choice for now or for Halloween, WAIT UNTIL DARK is a classic psychological thriller. 

Shot in 1967 from a screenplay based on a very successful Broadway play of the same name, it featured Audrey Hepburn as a newly blind young lady and Alan Arkin, Richard Crenna and Jack Weston as the criminals.

Miss Hepburn received nominations for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe as Best Actress. Efrem Zimbalist Jr., who played a supporting role as Hepburn's husband, received a nomination for a Golden Globe in that category. This was Hepburn's last nomination for an Academy Award.

Wait Until Dark is considered "one of the MOST INTENSELY FRIGHTENING movies in movie history."  It truly is a piece of scary entertainment.

Will you turn out the lights?

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Sena Fontane @Flirting with 30 said...

I love these old horror psycho movies, but i can never watch them alone, no matter how cheesy! lol


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