Magnum P.I. Hawaiian Shirt

Magnum P.I. Hawaiian Shirt

The shirt that Tom Selleck actually wore as Magnum P.I. is reportedly locked up in the Smithsonian Institute. However, it is possible to own your very own copy of it.

In the poll on my page, Magnum's Hawaiian Shirt, The Jungle Bird, 70 percent of the readers think that Magnum was HOT and almost 40 percent of the people were shopping for a shirt for themselves. 25 percent were buying it for the man in their life because HE loved the television series and 25 percent buying were buying it for the man in their life because THEY loved the television series.

It would seem that Magnum was equally popular with the men and with the women but, no matter which camp you fall in, Paradise Found has made it possible for anyone who wants a Magnum P.I. shirt to own one. The Jungle Bird, as the Magnum shirt is known, is a perfect gift item for anyone who loved the 1980s series.

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Unknown said...

I'll admit it. I'm one of those who voted that Magnum was hot. My husband doesn't mind, though. He's just happy that I bought him the Magnum shirt. It's beautiful and we both love it!


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