Do You Need Help Picking The Best Movies For Children?

Do You Need Help Picking The Best Movies For Children?

Do you need help picking the best movies for your children? I certainly did when mine were young.

I must admit that I shielded my young children from too much television or too many movies and, therefore, a movie was a really special family occasion for us. When we did watch a movie, it was carefully chosen.

Simply relying on the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings is not enough. I think of it as a starting point. (If you need an explanation of the MPAA ratings, you can check them out here.)

Remember that the information given on a movie box is there to help the movie sell and not to give parents the information they need to make a wise choice.

If you are unsure about a movie, watch it before you share it.

When you do share a movie with your children, watch with them so that you can enjoy the fun and so that you can talk about the contents of the movie and answer questions as they arise.

If you happen to be watching a movie and it covers something that you do not want your children to see, by all means turn your television off.

Toy Story 3 is an excellent family friendly movie with something for everyone. But be aware that even though it is rated G it may not be appropriate for the youngest of children. The Movie Mom recommends it for children between the age of kindergarten and grade 3. She elaborates by saying that the characters are often in peril, often tense and that there are some scary moments, bathroom humour, a double entendre and gender humor. A good example that even the movies which seem perfect for children must be approached with thought. It is important to know your children and to know what might be objectionable in a movie.

For more help choosing movies for your children, visit my page How To Pick The Best Movies For Children, where you will find more tips and tricks, online movie resources to help you screen movies for your family and a few family friendly movie recommendations.

See you (and your family)
at the movies!

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