The Lost Valentine: Hallmark's 2011 Valentine Movie

The Lost Valentine, Hallmark's new Valentine's Day movie stars Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Apparently, Betty White has always really wanted to do a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and finally has her opportunity in this war story. 

The Lost Valentine is airing very soon and I am excited because it really does look good and because it is NOT airing on the Hallmark channel, which means that people who do not receive the channel will be able to watch it!

Curiously, The Lost Valentine is often mistakenly called The Last Valentine, which is the actual name of the book written by James Pratt that this movie is based on.

You can learn more about the movie including when The Lost Valentine will air and you can watch both of the movie trailers at my page all about The Lost Valentine by clicking right here.

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Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Betty White in this kind of a role. I'll probably watch it, and I'll probably cry.