Amy Adams and Kermit The Frog

Amy Adams and Kermit The Frog in the Muppet Movie was introduced with this poster, Green With Envy.

Turns out that popular green dudes like Kermit The Frog can pick and choose who they appear in the movies with. In this case, Kermit (aided by Jason Segal) personally invited Amy Adams to join him in The Muppets new movie, The Muppets and Adams says that it was impossible to say no to those froggy eyes.

Kermit, after learning about you and Lady Gaga in 2009 (see What's The Scoop With Lady Gaga and Kermit The Frog) I am beginning to think that you really are a ladies' frog.

(And yes, if you ask, I would be thrilled to join you on the big screen OR on the red carpet.)

See you
at the movies!

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