Jack Nicholson Drinks Kopi Luwak Coffee in The Bucket List

Jack Nicholson Drinks Kopi Luwak Coffee in The Bucket List

As far as I know, Jack Nicholson is NOT the official spokesperson for Kopi Luwak coffee, although he might as well be considering the boost he gave the coffee when he enthused about it here in 2007 movie The Bucket List:

I had an interesting COFFEE break earlier today when I went looking for more information about this very expensive coffee. (I went tea in hand because I do not actually drink coffee, LOL.)

Turns out that the coffee beans used to make Kopi Luwak coffee (some also call it poop coffee) are a result of a process that involves a critter called an Asian Palm Civet consuming the berries from the coffee plant, digesting them and defacating them. Rather simple and apparently the digestion process, which leaves the berries entact, changes the nature of the coffee been making it smooth, nutty and some even say, ah, earthy.

Now I have more than one reason to want to see The Bucket List -- I understand it is a very good movie, I love Jack Nicholson AND I am curious about the coffee.

Have you seen the movie? Would you recommend it and, possibly more important given the context of this post, have you ever had Kopi Luwak coffee? Check out Amazon's variety of Kopi Luwak coffee by clicking right here or order your copy of the movie The Bucket List by clicking here.

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