Remote Controlled Batman Bat-Pod

We've written about Batman toys before and we were interested to discover this new remote controlled U-Command Batman Bat-Pod from Thinkaway Toys.

The Bat-Pod features light-up wheels, voice effects and sound effects. It is programmed with 1000 sequences and will go forward and backward and do a 360 degree. You can even program it to follow your own action sequence. How much fun is that? I'm thinking my grown sons would have fun with this particular The Dark Knight Rises Batman toy.

A bit of searching found this video review, which I believe demonstrates nicely how the remote controlled U-Command Batman Batpod works. The review is a bit lengthy at 7.5 minutes but it is a good review that also gives you a chance to see the Batpod perform its tricks. MaximumXGamer, who wrote this review, calls the U-Command Batpod one of the best choices of the toys released from The Dark Knight Rises and, fortunately for anyone interested in buying it, the price on is a lot less than the price was at the time he wrote his review.

Be sure to let us know if there's a Batpod in your future!

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