Ryan Gosling Tim Hortons Coffee Mug

Ryan Gosling Tim Hortons Coffee MugRyan Gosling is pretty hot these days in Hollywood. If you’re a movie fan, you may have seen him recently in Gangster Squad, The Place Beyond the Pines and Crazy, Stupid, Love. 

In an interview for Gangster Squad, Gosling said he hoped his role in that movie would earn him "his very own collectible Ryan Gosling Tim Hortons" coffee mug…and it did.

Initially, it was a fan who created by hand a Ryan Gosling themed Tim Hortons’ coffee mug and shared it online.

When Canadian coffee company Tim Hortons heard the story they had a mug created for Ryan Gosling and one for Sarah J. Velasquez who created the first Ryan Gosling themed coffee mug. Unfortunately, it seems that only two were made so Ryan Gosling fans will not be able to buy one at Tim Hortons in Canada or elsewhere. 

When I wrote this post, you could read the complete story in the National Post. However, that story and this mug is gone now. 

Do let us know how hot you think THAT coffee mug would be. Or maybe there is someone else you would like to see on YOUR coffee mug every morning.

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Tim Hortons, LOL!

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