Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

The Star Trek Electronic Door Chime is a novelty item that is good for a chuckle and a bit of fun, particularly for a BIG Star Trek fan.

I stumbled across it by accident and I'm thankful for this video from Think Geek, which gives a good demonstration of how you can put this Trekkie gift idea to good use:

I then visited, to see what the Amazon customer reviews had to say about this gadget since I find Amazon customer reviews a very good source of consumer reviews for almost any product. I was pleasantly surprised with the generally positive reviews of this Star Trek communication panel.

Writer Rob says, "if you are all things Trek, go for it." Of course, that holds true if someone you know is all things Star Trek.

On the downside, a few buyers found the price a bit steep for a novelty item, though I don't think it is too bad and one said the batteries don't last as long as he would like though that same reviewer also made me laugh out loud when he said that it embarrasses his daughter every time it goes off.  That's priceless!

You can read the reviews for yourself on Amazon by clicking here.

What do you think? Is there a Star Trek communication panel in your future?

See you
at the movies!

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