You Can Be A Super Hero In An Iron Man Hoodie!

I love Robert Downey Jr. as the Iron Man and hope no one else will ever play that role. In my humble opinion, he's the perfect Iron Man. Fortunately, I just read that Downey has confirmed on the Ellen Show that there will be a fourth Iron Man. (You can see for yourself here.)

Woo hoo!

As a big fan of the super hero, I think it would be fun to own one of these Iron Man hoodies.

I think it would be a hoot to show up at the movie or any super hero movie for that matter and surprise my grown sons with it.

I expect I would surprise a couple of other people, too, LOL since they might not expect a woman of my age, which I am not going to state, to dress as their favorite hero.

I think it would also make a great Halloween costume or at least the start of one, don't you?

How about you? Would you like to own this Iron Man hoodie? Would you dare to wear it in public?

See you
at the movies!

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