Star Wars Coffee Mugs

I love this I Am Your Father coffee mug. Perfect for Star Wars fans.

One of the most important movie lines or quotes of all time is that of Darth Vader to Luke when Vader says, "No, I am your father."

It is an iconic movie moment from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back that is surely embedded in every Star Wars fan's mind.

This famous line is often misquoted as, "Luke, I am your father" and was nominated for the American Film Institute's 100 Movie Quotes List.

Watch this short video and relive the moment in which Darth Vader makes history and releases his secret to the world.

The importance of the line to movie history makes this I Am Your Father coffee mug the ultimate inexpensive and practical Star Wars themed gift idea for dad. It is a handsome black and red Hallmark coffee mug, reading simply "I am your father."

Another I Am Your Father coffee mug featuring the iconic quote by Darth Vader.

Definitely a most appropriate gift for any Dad who loves the Star Wars franchise and even more so for one, like my husband, who shared the love of Star Wars with his children. Unfortunately, these mugs can now be hard to find. In May, 2021, they are no longer widely available but you may have luck here on eBay.

Or you can choose one of the following Star Wars themed mugs. They're all fun choices:

Yoda's Calm You Shall Keep and Carry On You Must Coffee Mug 

A variation on Keep Calm and Carry On, this mug features Yoda speaking and reads Calm You Shall Keep and Carry On You Must. Yes, hmmm.

All Star Wars fans can talk like Yoda, which makes this green mug one of the most popular Star Wars mugs. "Calm You Shall Keep and Carry On You Must," advises the wise Jedi Master Yoda. Look for it on eBay here.

Darth Vader You Don't Know the Power of the Dark Side Coffee Mug 

Darth Vader You Don't Know the Power of the Dark Side Coffee Mug

Another nice choice is this black and red Darth Vader coffee mug.  It's by Vandor and the black and red colouring and image of Darth Vader are, in my opinion, perfectly done. Find all of the Star Wars Vandor mugs currently available on eBay by clicking here or look at the collection on Amazon by clicking here.

Yoda May the Force Be With You Coffee Mug

Yoda May the Force Be With You Coffee Mug

Another mug by Vandor, this one features Yoda and reads in typical wise fashion, "May the Force Be With you." You can find it on eBay by clicking here.

Is there a Star Wars fan at your house? A Star Wars mug in your future?

See you
at the movies!

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