Hallmark Christmas Movies (2013)

Hallmark Christmas Movies (2013)

Love Hallmark Movies? On this page, rediscover the Christmas-themed Hallmark movies that were released in 2013.

The Hallmark Channel is the place to go for family-friendly holiday programming and lots of it. In 2013, the Hallmark Movie Channel delivered thirteen new Hallmark Christmas movies and a host of other holiday films, both old and new with the best time slots reserved for the brand new Hallmark movies.

The movies included Pete's Christmas, Merry Mix-Up, Let it Snow, Window Wonderland, Fir Crazy, Christmas Share, Christmas Star, The Christmas Ornament, Snow Bride, The Santa Switch, The Thanksgiving House, The Christmas Spirit and finally, Christmas in Conway, which appeared on ABC and not the Hallmark Channel, a decided bonus for those who do not receive the Hallmark Channel.

On this page, read a brief summary of each of the 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies and find out which ones are available on DVD.

A List of New Hallmark Christmas Movies (2013)

  • A Very Merry Mix-Up
  • The Christmas Spirit
  • Window Wonderland
  • Let it Snow
  • The Santa Switch
  • Pete's Christmas
  • Christmas Share
  • Snow Bride
  • The Thanksgiving House
  • Fir Crazy
  • The Christmas Ornament
  • Christmas Star
  • Christmas in Conway

A Very Merry Mix-Up

A Very Merry Mix-Up

What happens when an antique shop owner sets off to meet her fiancĂ©e's family? Of course, there's a mix up. Starring Alicia Witt, Mark Wiebe, Scott Gibson, Susan Hogan, Richard Fitzpatrick and Lawrence Dane. This movie is available on DVD from Amazon by clicking here.

The Christmas Spirit

This story is like that seen of It's A Wonderful Life set in modern times. In this film, the main character tries to save a small New England town from a real estate development. Starring Nicollette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives fame. It does not appear to be available on DVD.

Let It Snow

Window Wonderland

What happens when New York City department store employees try to win a job dressing windows? That's the premise of this movie, which stars Naomi Judd, Chyler Leigh, Paul Campbell and Cameron Mathison. It is not available on DVD.

Let It Snow

Can a wonderful lodge in Maine become a trendy hot spot? Let It snow stars Candace Cameron Bure, Alan Thicke and Jesse Hutch. Let It Snow can be found on Amazon here.

The Santa Switch

What happens when a dad who needs help gifting his family with a great holiday is handed Santa's reigns? Starring Sean Astin, Ethan Erickson, Anne Dudek, Annie Thurman and Griffin Cleveland. This movie does not appear to be available on DVD.

Pete's Christmas
Pete's Christmas

What happens when a middle child is allowed to repeat things over and over again until he is able to gift his family with the holiday he thinks that they deserve? Starring Bruce Dern, Bailee Madison and Zachary Gordon. Find Pete's Christmas on Amazon by clicking here.

Christmas Share

What happens when when a couple that includes a musician from a small town and an advertising executive, switch houses at Christmas? Starring Tricia Helfer, J.T. Hodges, Mark Lutz and Cristina Rosato. This movie does not appear to be available on DVD.
Snow Bride

Snow Bride

Find out what happens when a tabloid reporter discovers the political family she's been hounding is not what she thought they were. Starring Patricia Richardson, Katrina Law and Jordan Belfi. Snow Bride is available on Amazon by clicking here.

The Thanksgiving House 

What happens when a lawyer from Boston inherits a house that sits on the site of the first Thanksgiving celebration? Starring Lindsay Wagner, Emily Rose, Justin Bruening, Adam Kaufman and Bruce Boxleitner. Unfortunately, this movie does not appear to be available on DVD.

Fir Crazy

What happens when a holiday humbug winds up selling Christmas trees on the family Christmas tree lot? Starring Sarah Lancaster, Eric Johnson and Colin Mochrie. This movie does not appear to be available on DVD.

The Christmas Ornament

The Christmas Ornament

How does a widow get through her first Christmas without her spouse? Starring: Kellie Martin and Cameron Mathison. Find the Christmas Ornament on Amazon here.

Christmas Star 

What happens when a widow meets up with his sweetheart from high school who is a huge pop star? Starring Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Byers, Julia Lalonde and Kyle Breitkopf. This movie does not appear to be available on DVD.

Christmas in Conway
Christmas in Conway

Christmas in Conway stars Andy Garcia, Mandy Moore and Mary-Louise Parker.

Hallmark calls Christmas in Conway a testament to love, filled with scenes of hilarity. Imagine if your neighbours wanted to set up a real Ferris wheel in their backyard. How would you greet that news? With joy or disapproval? What if you knew the reason the Ferris wheel was being put there was to allow a seriously ill woman a romantic memory? That is the story behind Christmas in Conway.

For those who do not receive the Hallmark Channel, it is good to know that Hallmark reserves the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies for other channels. In this case, Christmas in Conway aired on December 1, 2013, on ABC. I know that news was greeted with a cheer by fans who miss all of the holiday programming that is not available to them on the Hallmark Channel. You can find Christmas in Conway on Amazon here.

Well that's it. The Hallmark Christmas movie list from 2013.  Which ones did you see? Which ones did you miss? Which one is the most intriguing to you? Be sure to take a moment to say hello in the comments box shown below.

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