Harry Potter Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Harry Potter Vinyl Record Wall Clocks

Harry Potter Vinyl Record Wall ClockI love the fact that these Harry Potter clocks are recycled old vinyl records and that they feature scenes from and friends of Harry's world. While the clock part is new, the record is used meaning your clock is a piece of art and an upcycled piece of history.

These clocks are crafted by Vinyl Evolution and fortunately available directly from Amazon by clicking on any of the pictures on this page or by clicking right here. Of note is the fact that it does take a while for one of them to be made for you and to be delivered so be sure to read the details about delivery time carefully.

Harry Potter Vinyl Record Wall ClockI love them all but am particularly drawn to the top one that shows Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger and the second one, which features Harry playing Quidditch. Which one would you choose?

Also, if you love the idea of a movie-themed clock but want to pick another movie, Vinyl Evolution has many movies to choose from including but not limited to Beauty and the Beast, Pokemon Go, Zelda, Lady and the Tramp, Mary Poppins and the Walking Dead.

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Harry Potter Vinyl Record Wall Clock with Albus Dumbledore

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