Create A Barbie Mermaid Tale Gift Set

Toy company HASBRO and Kidtoons joined together to share movies based on popular toys that are appropriate for young children to view. On this page, the first in a series, let's celebrate Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2. Here is a peek into the story via the official movie trailer:

The animated movie A Mermaid Tale 2 finds Barbie acting as the character Merliah, a champion surfer who also happens to be a mermaid and a princess. "Anything is possible when you stay true to yourself!"

Fans of Barbie and her adventures will want to own this 2013 animated Barbie movie and probably the first movie, too. I am also sure that they would like to own this mermaid-themed Barbie doll. Put the two items together to come up with a great gift set for a young Barbie fan. If you would like to put this gift set together for a wee one in your life, you will find the Mermaid dolls on Amazon by clicking here and the movies by clicking here.

See you
at the movies!

Quick Links:

Order your copy of Barbie in a Mermaid Tale from Amazon here.
Find the mermaid Merliah Barbie doll here.
The Barbie Andy Warhol Doll.

Author's Note: Originally published elsewhere in 2008.

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