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I tripped across the Lionsgate series Grace and Frankie accidentally recently and I really enjoyed it.  Read more at my review.
I tripped across the Lionsgate series Grace and Frankie accidentally recently and I enjoyed it. It is definitely an in-your-face comedy program about aging. It includes plenty that you might or might not object to including drugs, alcohol and sex.

It stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston and June Diane Raphael. I think the first four did a fine job of representing older folks and the issues that they may or may not face in the future.

In the series, both women have been married for forty years to men who have just come out as being gay. Not only are they gay but the men are in love with each other and have been having an affair for twenty years. If you are thinking this is not really a funny subject, I agree but put that aside and enjoy the myriad of funny situations in the show in which the women, though totally different from each other, wind up sharing a beach house because they own it jointly and have been life long friends. Friends that is, with issues.  The story revolves around issues related to the demise of those marriages the continuation of their new family lives.

Here's the trailer:

I tripped across the Lionsgate series Grace and Frankie accidentally recently and I really enjoyed it.  How about you?
I expect if you are part of the aging population ah, like I am, you might enjoy this program, if you do not object to some of the subject manner. We will all face some of these situations as we age. Hopefully, we will be able to do so with humor wherever possible. Growing old is not fun.

The Telegraph says, "This septuagenarian comedy is sharp, moving and celebrates the vigour of growing old. It's lighthearted in celebrating the continued vigour of people in the later years of their lives, addressing their concerns without reducing its characters to fumbling old biddies with a lost sense of purpose, and the excellent leads bring life and plausibility to a story that might otherwise have fallen flat." I agree.

Be aware that not everyone I spoke to liked this show but I did. You can buy the DVD on Amazon or you can watch the videos on Amazon Prime. Find both formats by clicking right here. There are four seasons of the show available though at this moment just two are available. I am also told that there is a fifth season on the way.

Have you seen Grace and Frankie? Did you like it or not? If not, will you be watching it?

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Louanne Cox said...

I absolutely loved the show, I binge watched the first 3 seasons over a long weekend and then had to wait for the next season to start! I didn't enjoy season 4 quite as much though.


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