Christmas of Many Colors (2016) Movie Review

Dolly Parton's A Christmas of Many Colors Circle of Love Christmas Movie ReviewI think that Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors Circle of Love is an excellent movie. It comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me if you are in search of a family friendly movie with a heartwarming story of hard work and sacrifice.

Set in 1955 in Tennessee's Great Smokey Mountains where Dolly Parton was raised, it continues Parton's story and follows on another successful made-for-television movie that I have not seen yet called A Coat of Many Colors.

In this film, we meet a struggling family with eight children and some members of the rest of their community, including my favorite, a very supportive and well established 26-year old 'old maid' school teacher and the preacher grandfather.

The family lives in a small rudimentary cabin and the school teacher in a cute little 1950s home with all the luxuries of middle class including indoor plumbing and the electronics of the time. All are fascinating for Dolly and quite a contrast with her family's home.

The family and members of the community work together in various ways in order to allow the father to gift the mother with the only thing that she wants.

The real Dolly Parton makes cameo appearances as a woman of possibly questionable morals. Since our moments with her are very brief, her profession is never truly established.

Watch this brief YouTube video to get a better understanding and feel for this movie:

Alyvia Alyn Lind takes on the role of  Dolly. You might recognize this young actress for her recurring role in the program Young and the Restless. Other actors I recognized include Ricky Schroder, Jennifer Nettles (actually a country music singer) and Gerald McRaney.

The New York Post calls the movie cliche and "contrived, especially as it leads to a series of near-disasters that can only be erased by another series of convenient miracles." I will agree with that statement but add that I do not think that it matters. 

USA Today says, "enjoy this movie for the message, the music and Parton's benevolent spirit." . 

A Christmas of Many Colors is a beautiful faith-based film that is full of hope and joy and peril and yes, humor, too. It is perfect for Christmas viewing by all, and it is an emotional roller coaster that will have you laughing and crying. It is predictable at points but it is perfectly enjoyable and very entertaining. As I said earlier, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me. It is the best Christmas movie I have seen in awhile.

At the real Dolly Parton says at the end of the movie, "Hold your families close at Christmas. Love and accept each other. And always be kind." Thanks, Dolly.

Have you seen A Christmas of Many Colors? Will you be adding it to your holiday viewing list?

Merry Christmas!

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