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Remember songs from Dr. Hook? I do! You'd enjoy this album, The Best of Dr. Hook.Learn a bit more about the band here!

I remember songs from Dr. Hook (and the Medicine Show) from my youth. I would have been a bit young when songs like Sylvia's Mother (1972) and Cover of the Rolling Stone (1972) were released though they are well know to me. However, I definitely remember when Sharing the Night Together (1978) and When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman (1979) came on at our school dances. 

I don't remember owning any of Dr. Hook's albums despite the fact that many of the songs on 1979 album shown here called The Best of Dr. Hook are so very familiar but I suppose that can be attributed to the group's popularity. They had a highly successful but not particularly long career that included nine albums from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.

I realized this morning when I was playing this record that I don't actually know much about this band nor have I heard anything about them lately, which leaves me with questions like who were they and who are they now? I am no expert. The following information has been gathered from various sites online. I hope you find it interesting as I did.

You can find the album shown here, The Best of Dr. Hook, on eBay by clicking right here. I see it readily available on your choice of vinyl record or cassette tape. I saw other 'Best of' compilations on CD but did not see this one. It is possible that the cover art was changed or that this album was never released on CD. Maybe it will be available for you today. 


In 1968, Dr. Hook began playing together as Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. In 1975, they came more simply known as Dr. Hook. 

The band had a lot of member changes over the years but was originally founded by George Cummings, Ray Sawyer, Billy Francis, Dennis Locorriere and Popeye Phillips and was named with reference to the eye patch that Sawyer wore that obviously references the worlds of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Their hits included songs by well-known children's author, Shel Silverstein and self-written songs as well.

Their music has been labelled in many genres that include country rock, ballad, soft rock and easy listening and in total they released 12 albums. They had a highly successful but not particularly long career that included nine albums.


Defining best is awkward but this short list includes some of their well known songs:

Sylvia's Mother 
Cover of the Rolling Stone
Only Sixteen
A Little Bit More
Sharing the Night Together
When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman


In 1985, the group played together for the last time on a farewell tour. Ray Sawyer and Billy Francis have since passed away. Dennis Locorriere holds the rights to the name Dr. Hook and uses it sometimes when touring.


Literally. Dr. Hook's song Cover of the Rolling Stone led them to being caricatured on the cover of the magazine!
  • The song Cover of the Rolling Stone became a top 10 single on the American Billboard Hot 100 and resulted in the band being featured in cartoon form on the actual magazine in March, 1973. Original copies of that magazine now sell on eBay for well in excess of $100. See for yourself the original copies of Rolling Stone magazine with Dr. Hook on the cover by clicking right here. If you are in the market, be wary. There has been a reprint of that cover.
  • Bruce Springsteen opened for Dr. Hook in 1973. 
I hope you have enjoyed this look back into one of the very popular bands of the 1970s!

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There is a lot of good information about Dr. Hook on Encyclopedia.com.

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