Star Trek (2009) Blu-ray Movie Review

Star Trek 2009 Blu-ray Movie Review
Star Trek (2009) Blu-ray Movie
I grew up with the Star Trek franchise. That is, with Captain Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Star Trek was a series that our family watched once a week and, when the series was over, we watched the episodes in reruns for many years so there was no question that I would be going to see the movie when it was released in 2009.

Guess what? I loved it. As a matter of fact, when I left the movie theatre, I proclaimed it, "THE BEST MOVIE THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN." Pretty strong words, don’t you think? I have no idea if that is the truth or not, but that was definitely how I was feeling about that movie at that moment. It was packed with action and adventure and even some emotion. It had funny moments and insider references, good acting and a great storyline. I loved the movie and when the Blu-ray version was released, I loved it, too.

But don’t take my word for it…

The Movie Plot in 100-ish Words

Star Trek (2009) is both a prequel and a reboot. A movie for Star Trek fans and for those who have never seen a single Star Trek movie, this movie documents the maiden voyage of a spaceship, the U.S.S. Enterprise. It features new crew members who attempt to stop an evil entity that threatens all of mankind. James Kirk is an impulsive Iowa farm boy and Spock a logical man who throws off emotion. Their partnership is unlikely but their clash of instinct and reason proves powerful enough to guide us all through their mission, taking us "boldly where no one has gone before."

The Trailer

The Movie Reviews

The Amazon customer reviews about the movie itself are complimentary. Writer D. Ferrari said that this movie really felt like Star Trek to him. He said it has the attitude he expected. Reviewer Konrad Kern said that you will love this movie regardless of whether you are a Trekkie fan.

Buy the Star Trek Blu-ray Gift Set with Badges
DVD Talk said, "Star Trek offers nothing but pleasures to those in tune with Gene Roddenberry's original creation and provides ample comfort to newcomers who should immediately set aside anticipated Trekkie bias and suit up with Starfleet...The film provides 120 minutes of unrelenting goose bumps..."

The Movie Mom said that audiences “should be set to stun with this splendid reboot of the 40-plus year old Star Trek series. By boldly going where many, many have gone before, J.J. Abrams of television's Lost and Alias has managed to make a thoroughly entertaining film.”

I agree.

The Blu-ray Reviews

The HDR Room said, "J.J. Abrams brought back the voyages of the Star Trek Enterprise...Paramount ensured the Blu-ray presentation is befitting the film...non-fluffy bonus material, sharp video and audio that reaches levels of perfection few discs have before.”

Star Trek Blu-ray Boxed Set with Model
Star Trek Blu-ray Boxed Set with Model said that the Blu-ray release “features impeccable picture and sound quality and a complete, thoroughly informative and consistently entertaining supplemental package.” They went on to give it their HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

One Amazon customer said, “You will be letting yourself down if you like Star Trek, have a Blu-ray player but don't buy this movie" and, once again, I agree.

There are some pretty interesting boxed sets that include this movie available any of which would make a great gift idea for the Trekkie who does not already own this movie on Blu-ray disc. Of course, the longer a special boxed set like the ones shown here with the U.S.S. Enterprise replica metal model or with the collectible badges has been around, the harder to find and the more expensive they become. If you are interested, you can click on any of the the pictures shown of the boxed sets to go directly to that item on Amazon or you can find the ordinary Star Trek blu-ray movie release by clicking here. If you are interested in adding this movie to your collection, you will be interested to learn that the stand alone blu-ray version retails for less than $10.

Have you seen the Star Trek (2009) movie on Blu-ray? Are you interested?

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This post was originally published elsewhere in 2009.

Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzles

Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzles

Harry Potter fans will want to check out these jigsaw puzzles, which I just discovered. My family grew up with Harry Potter and we love to work puzzles so working a puzzle from Harry's world seems totally appropriate. If you like Harry Potter, I know you will like these puzzles whether or not you are a jigsaw puzzle fan.

Harry Potter Death Eaters Jigsaw Puzzles
Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore and Hagrid Jigsaw Puzzle
Harry Potter & Lord Voldemort Good Versus Evil Puzzle
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger Jigsaw Puzzle

How about you? Which one is your favorite? Will it be the Quidditch puzzle for you? That one is definitely my favorite but maybe you prefer the puzzle with the puzzle with the multiple images of Harry with Professor Dumbledore and Hagrid on the cover? Or maybe the Good versus Evil puzzle with Harry and Lord Voldemort? Or the Good Guys puzzle with Harry, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley or the puzzle with the Death Eaters? Or maybe, just maybe, you would like to work them all...

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Walt Disney Short Films Collection

From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes a new collection of short films including the much anticipated Frozen Fever with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff, which is available for the first time on blu-ray disc or DVD

It includes the Oscar-nominated Lorenzo.

It includes classic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse in Get A Horse.

It has ten additional shorts: Paperman, Feast, John Henry, The Little Matchgirl, How To Hook Up Your Home Theater, Tick Tock Tale, Prep and Landing: Operation Secret Santa, The Ballad Of Nessie and Tangled Ever for a total of twelve animated shorts.

Special features include introductions to and interviews with Disney animators and film makers. praises the virtue of some of the shorts, most notably Paperman and Feast, and calls some of them hit or miss. The reviewer warns that many of the shorts have been seen before as extras on other blu-ray releases so if you own or have seen many Disney shorts before, you may not see them for the first time in this collection. They do go on to praise the audio visual quality of the blu-ray release.

Here's a look into the contents of this shorts release:

Jim Hill of the Huffington Post says, “It’s a clever collection of modern era Disney animated shorts that is a must-have for any serious film fan." Will you be adding it to your collection?

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Illustrated Edition

Read all about it! Read all about it! There's a new version of the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone being published and it is to be an illustrated edition with images by artist Jim Kay.

Apparently, all of the Harry Potter books will be re-released as illustrated books and author J.K. Rowling personally picked Kay to create the artwork.

Remember Harry’s early years when he resided with his not-very-nice aunt and uncle and horrible cousin Dudley? When Harry slept in a small closet under the stairs…

I can hardly wait to see Kay's vision of Harry Potter's world.  To keep you going, here are a few of the pictures from the book from Amazon, starting with the exterior of Hogwarts Castle:

Followed by Draco Malfoy, Hagrid and Hermione Granger.  I think the cover is exciting but my favorite image is the one of Hermione, in part because of the handsome antique door behind her but also because she manages to look like Hermione without looking like Emma Watson.  Which picture is your favorite?

Obviously, I haven't seen the new book yet but I know without seeing it that it will make a great gift for someone you want to introduce to the Harry Potter series. Since I am excited about it,  I also am certain that it will be a top-rated gift idea for a Harry Potter geek. Does anyone you know fit that bill?

You can learn more about the book on Amazon by clicking here. You can also pre-order the book and if you choose to do so, you will be protected by Amazon's pre-order price guarantee. The book's release date is October 6, 2015. I figure that it might be one of the most exciting book releases of the year.

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Big Miracle Movie Review

Last night we watched and enjoyed Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski as they retold the true story of three gray whales trapped in the ice in Barrow, Alaska in the movie Big Miracle.

As the tagline on the cover of the blu-ray release shown here says, it was the "perfect family adventure," the moving story of people coming together from all walks of life to try to save the stranded whales.

This event actually did happen in 1988 if not exactly as portrayed by the movie. This movie was actually inspired by rather than based on the true story. However, if the movie helps people remember the event and think about the plight of the whales then and now, perhaps the changes within the movie are acceptable.

Here's a peek at the movie via the official movie trailer:

Plugged In says, "Big Miracle lauds the inventiveness of the human spirit, points to the value of animal life and challenges the cynic in all of us."

The New York Times says, "When people put aside politics and ill will, they can accomplish something they could never manage alone. Big Miracle is savvy enough to allow that many of the people pitching in do so for reasons other than altruism, and it is sentimental enough to have those characters changed by their commitment to the cause."

The Movie Mom gives this movie a B+ and outlines what parents need to think about in terms of this movie. There is some swearing as well as peril for humans and for whales.

Big Miracle is a nice film and comes recommended by us for anyone looking for a movie about whales and life in Alaska.

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The Peanuts Movie 2016 Wall Calendar

Fans of Charles M. Shulz are doubly lucky when it comes to the new movie.  First of all, they're going to get to revisit the world of Peanuts and their favorite characters like Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and Sally in a fresh new movie and secondly, they are going to have new merchandise options to collect, like this 2016 calendar.  I think that it is going to make a great Christmas gift this year to a fan of the Peanuts franchise or to yourself. You can find it on Amazon by clicking right here.

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The Peanuts Movie 2015

The Peanuts Movie 2015
I do not think that my husband, who grew up with Charlie Brown and his gang and was a particularly big fan of the Red Baron, is aware that there is a new Peanuts movie on the way and I am not sure what his reaction will be.

The gang is all back again in the new Peanuts movie but they definitely have a different feel, which can be attributed to the technology used to make this movie for "It's a computer animated movie, Charlie Brown." The previous shows featured hand-drawn animation so those who grew up with the original programs might find that the characters look, well, a little bit odd.  I do.

In this new feature-length movie, Charlie Brown starts off hoping that this is his big chance. That things will be different from now on.  That his embarrassing moments can be left behind...but we all know that that is not likely to happen.

Here is a peek at the movie through the trailers that have been released for the movie starting with the very short initial teaser trailer:

Then the official movie trailer:

Finally, here is the Christmas-themed trailer. I love the idea that the movie incorporates the Christmas holiday season.

My husband will be glad that the Red Baron does appear in the movie and I love the scene of him flying over the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Are you a Peanuts fan? What do you think of the idea of a new movie? Of the computer generated animation? Will you be adding The Peanuts Movie to your viewing list?

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I'll Be Home for Christmas puzzle.
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Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown.
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