How To Survive The Christmas Holidays According to the Movies

For movie fans, here's a fun video that describes, according to the movies, what you have to do to safely and sanely survive the Christmas holiday season.

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Christmas Movies:

A Very Brady (Bunch) Christmas Movie Review.
A Dog Named Christmas Movie Review.

Miss Piggy Covers Adele's Hello

Miss Piggy is in the news again. Seems she's popping up everywhere these days.  I enjoyed seeing her at the 2015 Country Music Awards when Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley joked about her split up with Kermit.  Now she's done a cover version of Adele's might just pull on your heart strings. Watch the video for yourself here:

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Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Gifts

BB-8 Droid

I'll start by saying that I am totally amazed at how popular this new Star Wars character, BB-8, is even before the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is released. 

The idea that people dressed as BB-8 for Halloween and that toys were flying off the shelves even before the release of the movie is really quite remarkable and a testament to the popularity of the Star Wars franchise with all generations. 

If you like the franchise yourself, I know you will enjoy these BB-8 gift ideas all of which feature, the new and very popular astromech droid. I have chosen ten interesting items. They are all items that I would like to own. They vary in price from quite affordable to budget stretchers. There is definitely something available for everyone whether you are looking for a really special toy that will be treasured forever or for something that is more affordable and practical.

BB-8 Coffee Keeps Me Rolling Coffee Mug

I'm a big coffee mug fan and collector so it seems natural that I'll start my list with a mug and yes, there are a number of BB-8 mugs available. Shown above is Hallmark's mug, Coffee Keeps Me Rolling. It's a handsome piece, available on Amazon by clicking here.

BB-8 Reversible Winter Scarf

There's an attractive knitted reversible scarf featuring the image of BB-8. You will find it on Amazon by clicking right here.

BB-8 Plans T-Shirt

Another of my favorite finds is this BB-8 t-shirt, which features the plans used for building the droid. It's available on Amazon by clicking right here

BB-8 Night Light

This item had me scratching my head until I read more about it. It's a night light that mounts on the wall. The decal makes it look like BB-8 is crashing through the wall and into your room. It runs on batteries so there is no cord to ruin the effect. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here. There's also an alarm clock available that looks much the same without the decal. You can find it by clicking here.

BB-8 Lego

If you are a Lego fan, you will find BB-8 as a minifigure in two Lego sets, the new version of the Millenium Falcon, set 75105 and Poe's X-Wing Fighter, set 75102.

Of course, it is also possible just to buy the minifigures from the new movie.  I have found the four of them available here on Amazon or you can find BB-8 on his own on Amazon by clicking here. They would make great and unexpected stocking stuffers for any fan though you have to pay a premium to buy them separately from the big sets.

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Finally, here's the coolest BB-8 toy in town. It's the sought after BB-8 app-enabled droid.

Watch him in action in this two-minute video but watch with this warning in mind. Watching will make you want to own this droid.

What did you think? I think BB-8 is a whole lot of fun and I know that I am not alone. He's the cutest little droid out there and he is one of this Christmas' hottest toys. You can find the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid here on Amazon.

Finally, f you are curious, you can find even more BB-8 gift ideas on Amazon by clicking here.

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Star Wars Christmas In The Stars Record

Star Wars Christmas Album

The Star Wars Christmas In The Stars Christmas album was issued in 1980 and includes nine tracks as follows:

  • Christmas In The Stars
  • Bells, Bells, Bells
  • The Odds Against Christmas
  • What Can You Get A Wookiee For Christmas
  • R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Merry, Merry Christmas
  • A Christmas Sighting ('Twas The Night Before...) and,
  • The Meaning Of Christmas.

Take a listen to "Christmas in the Stars." It is bound to make you smile; it did me.


I think that this Christmas album is bound to be of interest to Star Wars fans though I do not believe that it has joined the ranks of classic Christmas music. The recording is available on vinyl record, tape cassette or compact disc from Amazon by clicking right here. It would make a totally unexpected Christmas gift for a fan of the Star Wars franchise, don't you think?

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Author's Note: This page was originally written in 2008 on another site.

Star Wars Christmas R2-D2 and C-3PO Action Figures (2002)


The 2002 Holiday Edition C-3PO and R2-D2 set was a limited edition sold only through Wal-Mart stores and was the first in a series of Holiday Edition commemorative figures produced by Hasbro.

This collectible item was inspired by the 1980s Lucasfilm holiday greeting card art by Ralph McQuarrie, the concept artist responsible for much of the look of the original Star Wars trilogy.

The set comes with a display base and includes a full-sized holiday greeting card, if you care to open up the package though I expect many collectors will prefer not to open the packaging.  This action figure set would make a great and unexpected gift idea for any Star Wars fan, new or old.

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The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

The Star Wars Holiday Special

Happy Life Day, The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special was a two-hour show set in a galaxy far, far away which aired on November 17, 1978. In this television program, Chewbacca and Hans Solo visit Chewbacca's home world and celebrate Life Day. They are pursued by agents of the Galactic Empire searching for rebels on the planet.

In variety show format, this special features visits from many of the Star Wars characters, an introduction to three of Chewbacca's family members and numerous celebrity guests including Jefferson Starship, Diahann Carroll, Art Carney, Harvey Korman, and Bea Arthur.

It is said that George Lucas was never pleased with the production and so the show has never been officially released in any format. Despite that fact, it has managed to become a cult phenomenon. A film that people have heard about it and want to see out of curiosity.

The original film is said to be held in the Lucasfilm archives and the show is available to us today only because someone who watched it in 1978 took the time to record it on Betamax or VHS. Therefore, the only copies available today are bootleg versions that have been duplicated over and over again, which translates into horrible quality rendering and of course, because they are copies, they are illegal to sell on eBay, Amazon or anywhere. My check today on those websites does not turn up a single copy.

Here's the story of the Star Wars Holiday Special from an ABC newscast. Because it is only available illegally, ABC is only able to share a small piece of the film.

Did that small clip help you decide that you never need to see the show? Or did it cement your desire to see it?

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Author's Note: This page was originally written in 2008 on another site.

Four Hallmark Christmas Movies (2009-2010)

Have you seen these Hallmark Christmas movies from 2010 and 2009?

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas (2010)

The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas is the story of one family trying to save Santa and the delivery of presents on Christmas Eve. December 23rd arrives and they find that they do not have a Christmas tree, any presents or any Christmas spirit. They have simply been too busy with their lives and their busy schedules, even during the holiday season. Of course this will change when Santa crashes on the roof of their home on Christmas Eve. Santa's sleigh is broken down and his gift bag missing and he is suffering from amnesia. One of the children who still believes in Christmas magic is determined to save Christmas by getting his family into the holiday spirit. They have to work as a team in order to help Santa get back to work and, at the same time, they save their own family.

The Night Before, the Night Before Christmas was filmed in Toronto, Canada, and aired on Saturday, November 20th, 2010.

Read my full review here or click here to buy it on Amazon.

Call Me Mrs. Miracle (2010)

Those who loved Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle will no doubt love the 2010 Christmas movie, Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle 2. The movie is called Call Me Mrs. Miracle and is set at Christmastime in New York City. An opinionated saleswoman in a department store decides that it could use a bit of magic at holiday time and works to create a hot toy for her boss. She also takes control of things at the store and helps a romance between the assistant of a fashion designer and her nephew, working hard to ensure a great Christmas happens for everyone.

Mrs. Miracle (2009)

The original movie, Mrs. Miracle, aired on the Hallmark Channel on December 5, 2009 and is said to be Hallmark's highest rated film of 2009. It features a single dad who cannot locate a housekeeper for his twin sons. A magical housekeeper arrives and helps him move forward from his wife's death and find new love. He needed a miracle and Mrs. Merkle, referred to as Mrs. Miracle by the children, was the one who provided one.

This movie is available now from Amazon and was released November 16, 2010.

Read more about the two Mrs. Miracle movies here or click here to buy it on Amazon.

November Christmas (2010)

Aired on November 28, 2010.

In the new Hallmark Hall of Fame production, November Christmas, the Rhode Island family of a little girl who has cancer works to celebrate Christmas in the summer so that their daughter might enjoy it. Aided by an older couple and eventually the entire town, they manage to do so, creating both a Halloween and a Christmas that are special.The cast includes John Corbett, Sam Elliott, Karen Allen, Sarah Paulson and Emily Alyn Lind and the film was filmed in Wolfville, Canada. Read my full review here or click here to buy it on Amazon.

Do you love Hallmark Christmas movies?

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Author's Note: This page was originally written elsewhere in 2010.
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