Best Disney Blu-ray Movies For Young Children

Earlier this winter I did some research on the best Disney blu-ray movies for young children. I came up with a rather short list of movies that are appropriate for children of about 5 years of age, and all of them are rated G.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the movie on the short list that I am the most excited about. (Although the rest of them are great movies.) My preference is no doubt based on the fact that Snow White was probably the first Disney movie I ever saw as a child and because Snow White and those cute little Dwarfs are so big in the Disney world. (Find your copy of the Snow White Blu-ray movie on Amazon by clicking here.)

Snow White, however, is NOT a popular choice in my household of teenage guys but that just makes me more determined than ever to see it. (Hey, the first blu-ray disc I ever watched was the most excellent although decidedly girly TinkerBell.) I understand that Snow White has been beautifully restored and I am hoping that one way or another I will get to see it during the holidays...

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