Best Disney Blu-ray Movies For Young Children

Earlier this winter I did some research on the best Disney blu-ray movies for young children. I came up with a rather short list of movies that are appropriate for children of about 5 years of age, and all of them are rated G.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the movie on the short list that I am the most excited about. (Although the rest of them are great movies.) My preference is no doubt based on the fact that Snow White was probably the first Disney movie I ever saw as a child and because Snow White and those cute little Dwarfs are so big in the Disney world.

Snow White, however, is NOT a popular choice in my household of teenage guys but that just makes me more determined than ever to see it. (Hey, the first blu-ray disc I ever watched was the most excellent although decidedly girly TinkerBell.) I understand that Snow White has been beautifully restored and I am hoping that one way or another I will get to see it during the holidays...

If you are interested in seeing which other Disney movies made the short list you can visit my page by clicking right here. I think you'll find some great choices for the little ones on that list.

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