Ratatouille Blu-ray Movie Review

Ratatouille Blu-ray Movie Review

If you have yet to see Ratatouille, you have really missed out but of course, it is not too late to see this, one of my favorite animated movies. As a matter of fact, I'm not that crazy about animated movies as a rule but this one was shot in PARIS, my favorite city, and features FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD, another favorite of mine.

The movie was excellent. That little rat can really cook and he's funny, too. The experts went all out to create the computer-generated food and to make it look absolutely, positively delicious. It not only looks good but it even smells good. (Well, I cannot imagine food smelling any better than it did in this movie.)

About the Blu-ray version, Den of Geek said, "This is flat out the best looking disc I’ve seen on any high definition format. Animation has, since both HD DVD and Blu-ray stepped into the world, had the better deal in terms of reference standard work (some of the imagery on Happy Feet looks utterly glorious in 1080p), but the astounding level of detail on offer here is stunning. It helps, of course, that Ratatouille’s visual palette is one so vibrant and alive, but nonetheless, the picture is pretty much without fault."

Amazon Customer Reviewers have said things like,

Gerard D. Launay said, "Everything about this film is wonderful...it is definitely worth experiencing this delight on Blu-ray." and Julie Neal said, "Silly, sophisticated, full of surprises and a joy to watch, "Ratatouille" is not only the best animated movie of 2007, it's also the year's best family film."

I highly recommend you check this Blu-ray out. It is a must-own.

Find your copy of Ratatouille here on Amazon where it is available on Prime Video, Blu-ray and DVD.

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Reyjr said...

Hi Brenda! I did see this movie eventually (lol) - my favorite part was when the lady chef was teaching that guy with the rat the ways of the kitchen. :) Very cool! And I learned something too.

Heather said...

as a family we loved this movie.

Unknown said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by! :)


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