The 2009 Star Trek Blu-ray Movie

Just writing my latest page about the Star Trek blu-ray movie has me wanting to watch it again. I'll never forget when we saw it at the movie theatre and I left the building saying, "this was the best movie I've ever seen."

Now, I'm not absolutely sure that is true. (How the heck would I measure that?) However, it is definitely an indication of how much I loved the movie and fortunately, there's no disappointment with the Star Trek blu-ray movie, either. Read more at Star Trek Blu-ray Movie Review 2009 but with reviews like, "impeccable picture and sound quality" from, "hours of non-fluffy bonus material, sharp video and audio that reaches levels of perfection few discs have before" from and "it offers nothing but pleasures" from, I don't think you can go wrong.

Add to that the deeply discounted Amazon price (currently 50 percent off the retail price) and the free shipping on orders over $25 and I'd say there's no time like the present to add this amazing Star Trek blu-ray disc to your blu-ray collection. As I said on my review page, this may just be one of the best blu-ray movies available.

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