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Recently, I wrote a page about our visit to Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam last summer and that page inspired another one called Anne Frank Movie Reviews on DVD and Blu-ray. The second page is about many of the top-rated Anne Frank movies and documentaries that have been made.

After I did some research, I managed to gather six of these films together and watch them. While there was some repetition, it was definitely worth watching them all.

Currently, there is only one Anne Frank film available on blu-ray and it is Anne Frank's Diary, the 1959 version. The transfer to blu-ray is considered to be very well done and the new extras make it definitely worth buying.

Coming to blu-ray soon, and available now for pre-order from Amazon, is the BBC production of Anne Frank's Diary which will have the same name as the 1959 movie. I will be waiting and watching for this one.

See you
at the movies.

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