Comfort TV: Movies For Women On Valentine's Day

We have all heard of comfort food but have you heard of comfort TV? That's what you call it when you settle in to watch a romantic movie and your husband (or whomever) gently and lovingly massages your feet.

If you are a member of the male species reading this and looking for a movie for that special woman in your life, you might want to consider The Time Traveler's Wife blu-ray or DVD which is available February 10th, just in time for Valentine's Day. (And if you are a movie-loving female, you just might want to order it for yourself.)

An old-fashioned romance with a twist, The Time Traveler's Wife is, according to the product description, a "gloriously romantic story of the journey of two hearts." A drama, this movie is recommended for anyone who enjoys romance, science fiction and time travel. An even better gift, in my mind, would be the movie coupled with the book...

Admittedly, I have not seen the movie but I did read and love the book and I am really looking forward to seeing the movie. I don't suppose my husband might be reading this? You could forward it to him and then he would get the hint...and his Valentine's Day shopping difficulties would be taken care of. Never mind, maybe I will send it to him myself.

See you
at the movies.

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