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French Kiss Movie Soundtrack

Many, many years ago, in 1995 to be exact, the movie French Kiss came out. It was a movie that I really wanted to see with my husband.

In 1995, however, we were the parents of two children under the age of five and my husband had a job that required quite a bit of travelling. Needless to say, we never made it to the movie theatre to see this movie and we even had a hard time watching it together at home.

Such a hard time, in fact, that I eventually gave up waiting for him and watched it on my own. He was incredulous when he heard that I had watched it without him and I felt bad (for years, LOL.)

It is an excellent movie, one worth watching with your husband if he is willing and my purpose for bringing it up here is to recommend it to you as a potential romantic movie for Valentine's Day.

At the same time, I really want to recommend the French Kiss movie soundtrack. It is a quintessential French soundtrack filled with songs like 'La Vie en Rose' by Louis Armstrong, 'I Love Paris' by Ella Fitzgerald and 'Someone Like You' by Van Morrison. It is absolutely my all-time favorite CD (unless I am looking for something louder) and one that my husband slips into the CD player whenever we are having a special dinner, even with teenage boys hanging about. You just might like to slide it into your CD player for your romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

See you
at the movies.

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