Valentine's Day Movie Soundtrack

Valentine's Day Movie Soundtrack

Still stuck on what to give your lady friend for Valentine's Day? I recommend a romantic movie soundtrack like the Valentine's Day movie soundtrack.

Adrienne Jenkins, formerly of Top Movie Soundtracks, calls this soundtrack a "a delicious box office bon bon." It features a fantastic mix of musicians including Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson, Jewel, Amy Winehouse, Maroon 5, Joss Stone, Nat King Cole and Steel Magnolia as well as a host of other artists that I do not recognize but that you might.

I'd recommend you assemble a 'pink' gift with a pair of movie tickets to see Valentine's Day and a copy of this CD. What a lovely movie-themed Valentine's Day gift...and she will think you dreamed it up all by yourself.

See you
at the movies.

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Adrienne Jenkins said...

Brenda...Thanks for including me on your blog. Did you ever take advantage of your free tickets to go see the movie?