Do You Still Own Any VHS Videotapes?

Do You Still Own Any VHS Videotapes?
Are you hanging onto any videotapes? There are certainly some rare ones worth keeping. Movies and films that have never been released on DVD and may never be...

Are you aware that:
  • Only approximately 25 percent of movies that were filmed before VHS were ever released on VHS videotape.
  • And only about 50 percent of the films that were transferred to VHS were ever released on DVD.
That means a large number of films never made it to VHS and only half of the ones that did were ever released on DVD.

Are you still hanging onto any videotapes?

See you
at the movies.


Joan Adams said...

:) Oh yes! Not only do I have video-tapes. We still use them! I have a little tape machine that the grandchildren use for all of our old video tapes - and they love them!

The Schindel Six said...

I have SO many video tapes. I just don't want to go buy the DVD's of these movies when the tapes are perfectly fine. I've got Gone with the Wind, For Whom the Bell Tolls, etc...not to mention the oodles of kid movies. One day my VHS will die.


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