Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Movie Merchandise

What does Disney do best? Make movies? Maybe, but they also do a phenomenal job of creating movie merchandise. Unsurprisingly, they are the world’s LARGEST licensor of consumer products.

Eventually, I will be writing a review about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland but right now I am intrigued by the merchandising since we all know that movie merchandise seems to be almost as important as the movie itself these days.

With Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Disney has chosen to go after the 12 to 34 year old age bracket. Disney already has the princesses of the younger generation sold and they know that this new age group is a tough demographic to sell to. Disney is trying to set up 'Alice' as the adult version of 'Disney Princess.'

The merchandise available for this movie includes some more unusual home decor, apparel, designer accessories and jewelry by the likes of Swarovski, Stella McCartney, Sue Wong, Avril Lavigne plus collectible figurines and even a tea set. Of course, there are also the more ordinary or usual merchandise items like CDs, books and video games.

Since the original Alice in Wonderland is out of copyright there is likely also to be unofficial product available too, like the Versace handbags I have read about which feature the White Rabbit. (I wouldn't mind seeing one of those; I could not actually find any reference to them online. Although Alice in Wonderland is said to have inspired Versace's 2010 spring fashion line.) At least Disney's official products should bring merchandise of a consistent quality.

In terms of marketing, Disney has to walk a fine line here as the danger in this age bracket is very real of turning the fans off with too much merchandise. This age group likes things to be on the fringe and if the merchandising is too mainstream it won't be cool enough for them anymore.

Can Disney convince 12 to 34 year old women to buy into Alice? Perhaps they can, especially with Tim Burton involved. And never forget the draw of Johnny Depp...

People ARE talking about this movie and they ARE shopping.  Disney has definitely done something right.

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