Are YOU A Seat Saver Or Is Someone Holding A Seat For YOU?

Are you female and guilty? Do you arrive at the movie theatre and send your male companion off to the theatre to hold seats while you go to the washroom?

Did you know that some guys have an issue with this practice? That they spend the entire time that you are in the washroom SQUIRMING in their seats? Offering up the response, "yes, these seats are saved" as often as required.

'Twas all news to me when I discovered a post on the blog MEN ARE DUMB called, SEAT SAVER. Apparently, however, this is the case. While waiting for their female companion(s) to arrive, they must ENDURE endless glances at the empty seat, which they are holding without the assistance of a sweater or jacket or a place marker of any sort.

So how about it, are you female or male and guilty or not guilty? Are you a seat saver or is someone holding a seat for you?

See you
at the movies
(after I've gone to the washroom,
of course.)

P.S. I understand that some movie theatres are moving to a reserved seating system and I haven't actually thought about that a lot but I love the idea of having A SEAT HELD FOR ME IN THE THEATRE WASHROOM. That would be such a wonderful bonus, wouldn't it? And save some male discomfort in the movie theatre.


Jumpin' Jeff said...

Great post! Thank you for visiting my blog, and for mentioning my blog on your awesome blog. Have a great day!misc

Treasures By Brenda said...

Thank you for the inspiration!


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