Ponyo, A Beautifully Animated Hayao Miyazaki Movie

Ponyo, A Beautifully Animated Hayao Miyazaki Movie
If you have not seen Ponyo yet and you have young children or you are a fan of Japanese anime, you may want to check it out. You will recognize some of the voices, which include Noah Lindsey Cyrus, Frankie Jonas, Cate Blanchett, Liam Neeson and Tina Fey.

The story is that of a young boy named Sosuke who plucks a barely living gold fish named Ponyo from the ocean only to discover that this fish is an extraordinary speciman who wants to become a princess.  Their journey is one of friendship and exploration until, that is, Ponyo must return to the sea.  Her desire to be human, however, has changed the balance of nature and the result is a gigantic storm. In the end, Ponyo's sea goddess mother is able to rebalance nature and help make her Ponyo's dreams come true.

A beautifully done movie, based somewhat loosely on the Danish story about The Little Mermaid.

The blu-ray? Experts say that they are generally happy with the blu-ray release but the one area of disappointment comes from the audio track. High-def fans might be disappointed. But Blu-ray.com said, "animation enthusiasts, Miyazaki zealots, and kids of all ages should add this to their cart post haste." 

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elpi said...

Ponyo is The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and Fantasia, all wrapped up in one fin-tastic movie, and guaranteed to hold the attention of the most CG-addled five year old.

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