Celine Dion Through The Eyes of the World Blu-ray Review

Celine Dion Through The Eyes of the World Blu-ray Review

If you enjoy Celine Dion's music or are simply interested in her legend, you will most definitely enjoy Celine Dion Through The Eyes of the World on Blu-ray. I watched it recently and I was entranced. 

If ever there was a hard-working lady, Celine surely qualifies.  The concert tour that she shares on this Blu-ray disc, is the second highest grossing concert tour by a female recording artist EVER and yes, that means she worked and she worked hard.  It is not a concert video for it shares the story on stage and behind the scenes of the grueling schedule required to take a tour to 131 concert stops around the world.  I'm sure that when this tour was over Celine and her staff were ready to go home.

If you find yourself a copy of this Blu-ray disc, I'll warn you that it will just be the beginning as you will no doubt want to see them the other Celine Dion recordings. Next on my list, is Celine Dion: A New Day - Live in Las Vegas.

Order your copy of Through the Eyes of the World here on Amazon.

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Unknown said...

I know I would love this, as would my friend Carmel who's a huge Celine fan.


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