Michael Jackson Vision NOT Available On Blu-ray

Michael Jacksons' Vision

Fans of Michael Jackson will definitely want to own Michael Jackson's VISION  on Blu-ray. However, it appears that Vision is NOT being released on Blu-ray but rather is only going to be available on November 22nd in DVD format, which is available for pre-order right now.

It is a compilation DVD which includes 42 music videos. Michael Jackson and MTV were a perfect match and he used the new medium of music videos perfectly to share his music and his style and his VISION. He created stories or short films as he called them from his music and shared them with the world.

Who will ever forget the night Thriller was released? It was an offering unlike any musical presentation that had come before.

Michael Jackson's Vision will feature 35 of his short films, all restored and remastered. Plus, seven additional music videos featuring Michael Jackson performing with other artists like The Jacksons and Paul McCartney and a previously unreleased video called One More Chance.

If you grew up with Michael Jackson and loved his music, you will want to find yourself a copy of this video collection, maybe you should add it to your Christmas wish list!

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