Hallmark Christmas Movies 2010

If you have the Hallmark Channel, you are no doubt patiently awaiting the arrival of the Christmas movie season. I personally don't have that channel but I do have advance information about a bunch of the new Hallmark Christmas movies being released this year.

Hallmark movie fans will recognize the picture opposite as that of one of last year's Hallmark Christmas movies, Mrs. Miracle, which was Hallmark's highest rated film from 2009 and which was released this Tuesday on DVD.  Following the success of that movie, a second has been made and is entitled Call Me Mrs. Miracle. It is just one of several new Christmas movies that Hallmark plans to air this year.

Also set to air this holiday season are at least five more Christmas movies including:

The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas
The Town Christmas Forgot
November Christmas
Farewell, Mr. Kringle
An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Find details about these brand-new Hallmark Christmas movies as well as about many others that have been produced over a period of many years on my page dedicated to The New Hallmark Christmas Movies For 2010.

See you
at the movies!

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