Ratatouille Movie Review on Blu-ray and DVD


Ratatouille is one of if not my favorite animated movie ever. What's not to love about a movie featuring a rat in the kitchen?!?

Once you get past that part (and for some people it IS a sticky point), you will discover a beautiful movie starring one little rat and one young male kitchen employee.

You will combine three of my and possibly your favorite hobbies ~~ movies, food and travel.

You will enjoy the sights and sounds of the city of lights, Paris.

You will be able to smell the very realistic albeit animated soup simmering away on the stove...

And the blu-ray version of Ratatouille? Well, simply put, it is a delight.  High-Def Digest says, "This blu-ray release is also fantastic, boasting absolutely perfect video and audio, plus a great package of extras. This is a must-own disc that no Blu-ray collection should be without."

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