What Is The Best Hallmark Christmas Commercial?

What is the best Hallmark Christmas commercial?

Did you know that when people watch a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, they WATCH the commercials, too? How about that they have favorite Hallmark Christmas commercials and that Hallmark receives a flood of mail if their favorite is not aired during a movie? Finally, do you know which Hallmark Christmas commercial is the most popular and most requested?

I think it is a tribute to Hallmark that people love Hallmark commercials and that they are as important to some people as the actual movie is. The most popular commercial is one that originally aired in the 1990s and featured a 10-year old boy waiting with longing for the return of his brother from overseas. I can see why it is so popular and must warn you to have a box of tissues at hand before you hit the play button.

After watching, I am sure you can see why this commercial is so very popular. I have no idea if they'll be airing it this year but, if not, you can be sure that it will be replaced with another heartfelt message.

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Unknown said...

If I had on mascara, it would be running. Yep, I watch the Hallmark commercials - with a tissue close at hand.


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