True Grit Blu-ray Movie (2010)

Discover John Wayne's True Grit western movie.

Literally just in time for Christmas 2010 was the 1969 John Wayne True Grit Blu-ray movie. I think it created and continues to create the possibility of a magnificent Christmas gift for anyone in your family who loves John Wayne movies and owns a Blu-ray player.

Simply buy a copy of John Wayne's True Grit movie on blu-ray and add a copy of the 2010 True Grit movie and voila, an instant gift set.

The John Wayne version of True Grit was one of his most memorable roles and it is the movie for which he won his only Academy Award.  This would be the great place to start a collection of his movies.

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Order your copy of John Wayne's True Grit on blu-ray from Amazon.
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Unknown said...

As you know, this is one of my favorite movies. I hope the blu-ray edition turns out to be well reviewed. Having an up-do-date version will make it easier to compare this version with the remake, which I can't wait to see.


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